THE BLANK POINT—what is transsexualism?Study Guide

There Is No Twilight of Purpose for the Transsexual

by Sarah Shaker

It's inevitable that the transsexual must face the overpowering anxiety building from within — the consistent, unabated demand to change over to the opposite sex.

Sometimes it's not possible to understand complex emotions that are central to one's being. Because of this, and because of the fear of the stigma of rejection by others, the transsexual often makes every effort not to disclose these difficult feelings. Many of us internalize feelings about our gender identity, not disclosing these personal issues to anyone within or close to the family nucleus. When family members or friends learn about one's decision to change sex, often it is quite an astonishing revelation, because one may not have exhibited behavior patterns thought to be appropriate to the opposite sex.

The dream of transsexualism can be realized. It's a long, difficult and lonely road to fulfillment, but the achievement of peace of mind and happiness make the journey most worthwhile. The most important thing for the transsexual to remember is that he or she is not alone (there are tens of thousands in this country alone). The transsexual should reach out and receive friendship and support from others.