THE MONKEY KIDCast Biographies

Fu Di (as Shi-Wei) was born in Beijing in 1983. She was attending the Children Film Studio's acting school in Beijing when she was cast for the lead role in The Monkey Kid. Since then she has appeared in supporting roles in three films and has won several Beijing district singing competitions. Currently Fu Di is attending a performance arts academy in Chong Qing.


Fang Shu, who plays the mother in The Monkey Kid, is a 1982 graduate of the acting department of the Beijing Film Academy. She has received two Golden Rooster Awards ("China's Oscar") for best actress.


Zhao Bo-Nan (as Shao-Qiong) was born in Beijing in 1981. She was cast in The Monkey Kid while attending the acting school of the Children Film Studio.


Chang Hung-Mei (as Xiao-Qing) was born in Beijing in 1983 and was cast for The Monkey Kid from the Beijing Children Studio's acting school. She has won a number of singing contests, including the Moscow International Children's Singing Competition in 1994.

Wang Yang (as Li-Li) was born in 1982 in Beijing and immigrated to Canada in 1996. She currently attends the University of British Columbia.

Performing the Yakaxi Dance (left to right):
Wang Yang, Fu Di and Chang Hung-Mei