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Xiao-Yen Wang interview

A French video about The Monkey Kid — clips and a 1997 interview from the film's French theatrical release.

JPT Music

Jean-Pierre Tibi composed and orchestrated the music of The Monkey Kid. Click here, then click on "Demo Soundtracks" for his score of The Monkey Kid. His music from The Blank Point, another Beijing-San Francisco Film Group production, is on the same page. Four of Jean-Pierre Tibi's cues from I'm seducible, The Beijing-San Francisco Film Group's latest film, can be found here. Elsewhere, you can access his exquisite, heartbreaking song "Les Points sur les 'i'." It's from Un Jour Viendra, one of two albums of French standards sung by Jean-Pierre Tibi. (You can hear "Je Suis Amoureux," another Tibi song, if you buy the other album, Autumn Leaves.) Jean-Pierre Tibi also authors The Left-Handed Musician which deals with the problems of being an "other-handed" musician in a right-handed world.


Cinéprisme's Collège au Cinéma

Their extensive site about The Monkey Kid (in French) includes a shot-by-shot scene analysis.


online reviews of The Monkey Kid:

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