Born in Beijing in 1959, Xiao-Yen Wang attended the Beijing Film Academy, majoring in art direction. She graduated in 1982 — part of the Academy's first open class after the Cultural Revolution, now known as China's "Fifth Generation" of filmmakers. She worked as an art director in Beijing and Manchuria until 1985, when she came to the United States. In 1989 Xiao-Yen Wang co-founded The Beijing-San Francisco Film Group, and from 1989 to 1991 she directed her first work, The Blank Point, a documentary that is a personal view of transsexualism, the view of a woman from a country where the concept is unimaginable. The Monkey Kid is The Beijing-San Francisco Film Group's second production and Xiao-Yen Wang's first feature film. Focusing on the details of a child's daily life during the middle part of the Cultural Revolution, the film derives from her own childhood experience. She has since directed a second feature film, I'm seducible, also loosely based on her experiences.

Xiao-Yen Wang directs The Monkey Kid


I'm seducible is being released.

The Monkey Kid, 1995, was an Official Selection at the 1995 Cannes International Film Festival and received the Grand Prize at the 1996 Aubervilliers International Children's Film Festival, awards for Best Film and Best Director at the 1995 Danube Film Festival, Best Foreign Film at the 1995 Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, the Young Jury Award at the 1996 International Women's Film Festival at Créteil and the Critic's Prize at the Cinestival 97 at Marseille.

The Blank Point, 1991, received the Chris Award at the 1991 Columbus Film Festival, the Blue Ribbon Award at the 1992 American Film and Video Festival, First Prize—Best Video Documentary at the 1991 Athens Film and Video Festival, the Silver Award at the 1991 Houston International Film Festival and the Merit Awards at the 1991 Chicago International Film Festival.