, 1995 Cannes International Film Festival

The story...
of a nine year-old girl's daily life in Beijing, 1970, during the mid-stage of the Cultural Revolution. Her parents, deemed "intellectuals" by the state, have been sent for "Re-education" in the countryside to "Learn from the Peasants." The child is left to learn life on her own. She parachutes from the top of clothes cupboards, she shows up late for school, she tumbles down mountains of gravel, she balances on railings five stories high...

The Monkey Kid, 95-minutes long, was shot on location in Beijing from January into March, 1993, and completed in March, 1995. The Monkey Kid is in color, 35mm and Dolby stereo. The dialogue is in Mandarin Chinese with subtitles. It was released in France as La Môme Singe in June, 1997, by Les Films du Paradoxe.

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