Qu Ying, the star of
I'm seducible

Qu Ying was born in Chang-De in Hunan province — her mother a performer of ethnic dance, her father of ethnic song. She thrived at sports, entering formal gymnastics training in kindergarten and later excelling in the high jump and long distance running. She contemplated life as an athlete, but after high school Qu Ying was accepted into the Hunan Province Performance School for Theater (which her mother had attended thirty years before) and graduating, performed with the Hunan Province Theater Company . . . which considered her too tall for stage acting. With her elegant handwriting, Qu Ying was made the company's recorder. While the company was shooting a television series in Beijing, a director suggested she interview with a modeling troupe. After a break-in period (modeling throughout Xinjiang for minimum wage) Qu Ying became white-hot. She was soon the most popular model in China.

"From a certain angle I think modeling is the bearer of beauty. Clothes are lifeless and need a model to put spirit and soul into them. But the field is too narrow for models to be themselves, and modeling is just a tool for designers to display clothes. It's very passive. I'm the kind of person with an urge to extend herself, to unmask her heart. With modeling it's impossible to assert the burst of exhilaration one feels onstage. I feel everyone should explore their intrinsic talents, and I'm yearning to be in a larger, wider arena."

In 1993 Qu Ying began film acting in lead roles. Zhang Yimou's Keep Cool, her tenth film (yanked at the last second from the Cannes Film Festival by the Chinese government), gained her international recognition. She's performed on television innumerable times, starring in series and hosting specials. She's recorded five best-selling albums.

The press calls Qu Ying Spicy Girl: "Eat spicy, talk spicy, spicy personality" (China Time Weekly).

  • I'm seducible (2006)
  • Love: Mustered and Modified [Ai Qing Hu Jiao Zhuan Yi] (2006)
  • Magazine Rift Road [Ma Ji Xian Xia Dao] (2006)
  • The Twins Effect II [Qian Ji Bian] (2004)
  • Women From Mars [Dong Nan Ren Bian Chen Nu Ren] (2002)
  • Whose Being Is in Love [Shui De Shui Xin Teng] (2000)
  • Spring Rhapsody [Chun Tian De Kuong Xiang] (1999)
  • Fascination Amour [Ai Qing Meng Huan Hao] (1999)
  • Keep Cool [Yo Hua Hao Hao Shuo] (1997)
  • Warriors of Virtue [Wu-Xing Zhan Shi] (1997)
  • Restraint and Triumph [Ren Zhe Wei Wang] (1995)
  • Love Fool [Ai Qing Sha Gua] (1994)
  • Don't Be Young [Wei Qing Shao Nu] (1994)
  • Flying Centipede [Fei Tian Gu Nian] (1994)
  • Stand Straight, Don't Slouch [Zhan Zhi Li, Bie Pa Xia] (1992)
  • A Woman's Infatuation [Chi Qing Nu Zhi] (1992)
  • Loose Sisters Come Due [Jie Mei Feng Liu Zhai] (1991)
  • Don't Ask Where I'm From [Bu Yao Wen Wo Cong Na Li Lai] (1991)
  • The Olympics Are in My House [Ao Yun Zai Wo Jia] (2008)
  • Strange Woman of Liaozhai [Liao Zhai Ji Nu Zi] (2007)
  • If the Moon Had Eyes [Ru Guo Yue Liang You Yan Jing] (2005)
  • Jingke, Assassin [Jing Ke Chuan Ji] (2003)
  • Iron Guts, Noble Notions [Tie Xie Hao Qing] (2003)
  • Adieu [Zhen Qing Gao Bai] (2002)
  • Beauty in New York [Nu Yue Yi Li Ren] (2002)
  • A Superstar's Sheen [Ming Xing Zhi Zao] (2000)
  • Fate in the Same Family [Yun Lai Yi Ja Ren] (1999)
  • Love Talks [Zhen Qing Gao Bai] (1999)
  • Can't Find Which Way [Zhao Bu Zhao Bei] (1998)
  • Safety Bureau [Ping An Shi Wu Suo] (1998)
  • The Fairies of Liaozhi [Ko Lao Xin-Er] (1997)
  • Dream of a Thousand Autumns [Qian Qiu Jia Guo Meng] (1997)
  • Red Velvet Flower [Hong Rong Hua] (1995)
  • Love Pact [Ai Qing Qi Yue] (1995)
  • Love Helps Do It [Ai Qing Bong Ni Ban] (1996)
  • Advertiser [Guang Gao Ren] (1993)
  • China's Model [Zhong Guo Mo Te] (1993)
  • Nightclub [Hai Ma Ge Wu Ting] (1993)
  • Plum Women [Mei Nu] (1990)
  • Love Is the Best Medicine (2005)
  • Host of "Free-Fly in Space" [Xing Kong Ren Ni Fei] Beijing TV (1998)
  • Host of "Sunday Rendezvous" [Yue Hui Xing Qi Tian] Cable TV (1996)
  • Host of "Tian Lan Cun" [Tian Lan Cun] Asian MTV (1995)
  • Chain Reaction (2006)
  • Accelerate (2004)
  • Peacock (2000)
  • Don't Rush (1998)
  • Flying with Me [1st Place, debut album — China MTV Awards] (1994)

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