In the mid-1980s thousands of Chinese came to study in the United States . . .

San Francisco is aglow with chance for a young artist from China, and Shi-Wei recasts her life in the new openness she finds in the West. She surrenders herself to sensual curiosity with a Caucasian acquaintance. But what about her yearning for her Beijing boyfriend, who impulsively announces he's coming to America "to be with you, to struggle next to you side-by-side"? As she embraces one intimate tie and resumes another, Shi-Wei is entwined in the clutter of love and need.


In the midst of things that seem like love . . .
In the midst of things that might be love

The view of Xiao-Yen Wang, director:

I don't want to tell a story in sequence with I'm seducible. I want it to break loose, going everywhere like lost beads. Shi-Wei is tethered to distant emotions, always dreaming of past moments in China. This residue implodes as she pulls toward a seed anchored within: the nourishment of memories and dreams.

. . . . .

I'm seducible is 76-minutes long. It was filmed in Beijing and San Francisco in 35mm and mixed in Dolby Digital.

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Qu Ying