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1971. During the Cultural Revolution my mother sought serene settings for picture-taking (like this very stinky canal) . . .

My mother's father had been obsessed with the local version of the Peking Opera where he was a fixture day and night, as participant and fan. My mother, a high school teacher, "inherited" his fervor for the arts. She encouraged me to become an artist.

1977. One thing people could do during the Cultural Revolution was go to the Summer Palace — for a row and a swim . . .

Xiao-Yen Wang thrived on sports. Her track records set at the Beijing Film Academy remain unbroken after 30 years.

1979. Xiao-Yen Wang, upper right. . . . Art direction department, Beijing Film Academy, on a ship to a North Sea fishing village for a stint of scenery-drawing.

The flashbacks of I'm seducible are from similar times. In college we worked as a group with a spirited camaraderie — and I was happy and strong in a familiar environment.

1987. Recently arrived in America . . . Xiao-Yen Wang at the 50th anniversary celebration of the Golden Gate Bridge.

I "found color" when I came to the United States: everything exuberant and different.

Present. On location, I'm seducible . . . Xiao-Yen Wang discusses oncoming shot with cinematographer Li Xiong, left; 1st camera assistant Keith Robinson, rear, with camera.

I'm seducible is based on the personal conflicts I experienced during my first few years in the United States.

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Qu Ying